Book in Review: “Instant Dependency Management with RequireJS How-to” by Greg Franko

Instant Dependency Management with RequireJS How-to, by Greg Franko, Cover picture
I recently had the pleasure of reading “Instant Dependency Management with RequireJS How-to“, a book written by Greg Franko and published by Packt Publishing, in the “Instant” series (short, focused, practical booklets).
You can have a look to the book at

I got a copy of the book by courtesy of the publisher and, I’ve to say, to my full satisfaction!

The book is really a quick read (under 50 pages); It’s exactly what it takes to grasp the meaning and advantage of using requirejs to improve your development workflow. The entire “Instant” series has been designed to concise, precise information in a short timeframe: something you can start applying now to your dev workflow, without having to dig through hundred of theoretical knowledge of hypothetical examples.

The book is well written and go through the basics of what RequireJS is, how to get it and put it into your application and how to benefit from things like asynchronous module loading, module dependencies resolution and using the fantastic RequireJS optimizer tool to get compressed and minified code ready to be deployed in production environment.

The book, albeit short, offers also hidden gems like how to integrate RequireJS with frameworks like Backbone with Lodash and how to add external templates loading with the additional “text!” plugin.

This book is an absolute requirement on the shelf of the serious Front End Developer. You should just stop reading this post and order the book right now 🙂


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